Top 10 Revolutionary Domestic Technologies

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Our world now is heavily depended on these machines even for the basic functions of our daily life. They have become a necessity from the luxuries in history. Here are some which changed our lives and made it easier.


1. Telephone

Who can live without a telephone? Mr. Bell’s invention can be held responsible for making the world a smaller place. Since its introduction in the late 19th century, it has brought our loved ones closer and now help is just a call away.


2. Television

This wooden box proved everyone wrong. By 1930’s it had the America glued to its screen. It is now sitting in nearly every household around the world. The best friend of a child and the medium of the any government to reach to its people. It is also the easiest medium of transfer of information after the internet.


3. Refrigerator

The ‘Fridge’ is the compilation of many inventors. For millennia’s we have tried to preserve our food just to survive. Now we can do it easily in our kitchen. With increasingly new cheaper and efficient models, we now see this appliance in every corner of the world.


4. Solar Power

Tapping the most abundant energy, this technology can provide energy in form of heat or electricity to the most rural regions in the world. It also helps to cut back the harmful emissions in these critical times of environment degradation.


5. Barbeque grill

Not a western product as people think but a tradition in every society from ancient times. These grills can come in different sizes and designs around the world. Barbeques in this hectic world are the perfect outdoor get together for families and friends to celebrate any occasion.


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