Top 10 Animated Movies You Must Watch

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Animation has grown immensely over the years and has made animated movies very popular.


1. Toy Story

This movie was computer generated and was the first of its kind. While the plot was interesting and the humor worked well with the audiences, the characters were lovable and endearing. All in all, a great movie.


2. The Aristrocats

Even though this movie was not as well accepted as the rest mentioned on this list, it is definitely among the best. The story is charming and sweet while the soundtrack is beautiful. The main characters include a delightful rogue and a devious butler.


3. The Prince of Egypt

This movie is based on Moses and is mentioned here because of its originality. His relationship with Pharaoh has been portrayed in an interesting manner and will appeal to the audience. One particular dream sequence in the movie is fabulous and will leave you amazed.


4. Bambi

Whoever has a loving heart out there is bound to love this animated film. While it is not as funny as most animations, it is extremely touching and very sweet. One particular character played by a skunk is particularly cute and you will find yourself falling in love with it!


5. Toy Story 2

The sequel to the first movie was quite well accepted but not as loved as the first one. The characters make fun of a number of movies which will make you laugh hysterically. The Martians in the movie are adorable and will make you want to watch the movie on repeat! A must watch, undoubtedly.


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  • Nick

    The Crows in Dumbo aren’t so much “hilarious” as they are “horribly racist”. But maybe that’s just me.

  • adam

    Disney being racist? Say it aint so….

  • Celebritymantra

    Thanks for your ratings these movies are really great.

  • Ali

    Uh, lame selection. Where are the classics? Like the Studio Ghibli films? What about the Corose Bride? Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Plague Dogs, Watership Down, Balto and all the others?

  • Anil

    My top 5 best r;
    1. UP
    2. Kung Fu Panda
    3. Wall-E
    4. Ice Age 3
    5. Finding Nemo/Incredibles

  • The Ripper

    Your top ten list looks more like a Disney “Love-In.” You’ve either missed or have outright ignored some incredibly good and unusual films for your list. There’s Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress, Katsuhiro Ohtomo’s Akira, Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant (with also a mention to The Incredibles which he also directed) I should also mention films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tonari No Totorro (My Neighbor Totorro), The Triplets of Belleville, Yellow Submarine, and the original 1939 Gulliver. Expand your horizons!

  • Joe

    1.Lion King

  • Michael

    Where is the lion king?!?! THE film of the disney renaissance.

  • Aili

    Without giving a rigorous treatment we briefly reflect on. We were faced with a painful choice in deciding.

  • Bev

    So glad to see “The Aristocats” and “Bambi” on here…but no “The Little Mermaid” or “The Lion King”?

  • Billy Shears

    Where’s Yellow Submarine? Ground-breaking,innovative animation combined with the music of The Beatles (world’s greatest rock band).