Top 10 Things You Should Do Before You Die

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Even doing these things will probably burn a hole in your pocket, it will all be worth it because the end will be near. Remember Jack Nicholson in the ‘The Bucket List’? Well, you get the idea. Here are some things which you must definitely do before you die.


1. Skydiving

Skydiving involves jumping out of an airplane and falling at a speed of over 120 MPH towards the Earth. The adrenaline rush you will experience will be beyond exhilarating and you will be glad you went ahead with it!


2. Dock With The International Space Station

Even though this will cost you about 20 million dollars, you will not regret spending that kind of money. You will be sitting in the space station and see the Earth in a completely different light. The planet will look like a gorgeous blue marble and the weightlessness will be exciting too!


3. Edge of Space Supersonic Jet Ride

In case you don’t feel like dishing out the 20 million dollars, instead, you can consider traveling till the edge of space in a Jet Fighter. You will be about 60,000 feet above ground level and moving at a speed that will blow your mind. If you want to get an idea of how high that is, imagine  stacking about 40 empire state buildings on top of each other and standing on that structure.


4. Take a Ride on a Russian MIG-Fighter Jet

This adventure ride will make you travel faster than the speed of sound. You may also get a glimpse of Alaska while you’re at it! The jet will travel at a speed of about 1800 MPH.


5. Dive to the Titanic On-Board a Submarine

Everybody is familiar with the ‘unsinkable ship’-Titanic and the attached tragedy. If you do not mind parting with about 35,000 dollars, you can travel till the bottom of the ocean and see the ruins of this magnificent ship.


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