Top 10 Largest Lakes In The World

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Have you ever wondered about the lakes in this world? Ever tried to find out which ones are the largest lakes? Well if you are curious to know about the largest lakes then this list can be your best guide. In this list of the Top 10 Largest Lakes in the world we will tell you about each lake in detail and inform you why the lake is given the position it holds.


1. Caspian Sea

The name topping the list is the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan in Iran. It is 152,239 sq. miles in area, 745 miles in length and is 3,104 feet deep. An interesting fact is that the Romans named the Caspian Sea as Mare Caspium, a sea, as they found it salty. It is both magnificent and beautiful.


2. Lake Superior

The next in the list is Lake Superior. It is situated in U.S.-Canada. It is 31,820 sq. miles in area. It is also 383 miles in length and 1,333 feet in depth. Lake Superior is a stunning picnic spot and should be visited at least once in your whole life-time.


3. Lake Victoria

After Lake Superior is Lake Victoria. It is located in Tanzania-Uganda. There is a lot of difference in dimensions between Lake Superior and Lake Victoria. It covers an area of 26,828 sq. miles, is 200 miles in length and 270 feet in depth.


4. Lake Huron

The next in the list is Lake Huron. It covers an area of 23,010 sq. miles. But in length and depth it is bigger than Lake Victoria. It has a length of 247 miles and a depth of 750 feet which is considerably larger than Lake Victoria. It is situated in U.S.-Canada.


5. Lake Michigan

The next lake is Lake Michigan in USA. It is 22,400 sq. miles in area. This lake is 321 miles long and 923 feet deep. This lake is even deeper than Lake Huron.


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  • Brian Raub

    The Caspian Sea is saltwater. Great Bear Lake is about 300,000 acres larger than Lake Baikal. Aral has shrunken by 90% and is no longer a “large” lake, so Great Slave Lake is now #10. Lake Erie is #10 if you count ONLY freshwater lakes. Here are the largest 11 lakes – by acres – in the world, according to

    Caspian Sea (saltwater) – 107.7 million acres
    Lake Superior – 20.3 million acres
    Lake Victoria – 17.0 million acres
    Lake Huron – 14.7 million acres
    Lake Michigan – 14.3 million acres
    Lake Tanganyika – 7.9 million acres
    Great Bear Lake – 7.813 million acres
    Lake Baikal – 7.782 million acres
    Lake Malawi (aka Lake Nyasa) – 7.3 million acres
    Great Slave Lake – 6.7 million acres
    Lake Erie – 6.3 million acres

    640 acres = one square mile.


  • Gillian

    Thanks for that, are these places good to travel to from a lakes and mountains holidays point of view? I’d love to have the opportuntiy to go to these places if they are catered for..