Top Ten Over Sea Bridges

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These bridges are all visually appealing and serve practical purposes. This list consists of Over Sea bridges found in different parts of the world.


1. Fehmarn Belt Bridge

This bridge has not been constructed yet and according to plan, it will be 11.8 miles long and by 2018, will connect Fehmarn to Lolland. The construction costs have been estimated at 2.2 billion dollars and many conservationists oppose this plan as they feel that it will destroy the local wildlife in the area.


2. Gateshead Millennium Bridge

This stunning bridge is the first tilting bridge and as far as we know, the only of its kind. Those who designed this bridge won a prize in 2002 known as the Stirling Prize. Due to the hydraulic rams that are attached at its ends, small ships are able to pass through. It is extremely durable and can withstand great collisions.


3. Bering Straits Bridge

This over sea bridge is proposed to link Asia, Europe and Africa with the Southern and Northern parts of America. According to sources, it will stretch across 50 miles. However, it may be difficult to maintain and construct this bridge if it is built in Alaska.


4. Erasmusbrug

This bridge links the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam and was constructed in 1996. It is the heaviest bridge in Europe and is well-known for its visual appeal. One can spot this over sea bridge in popular movies like “Who Am I?” People usually refer to this bridge as The Swan because of its shape.


5. Oresund Bridge

This bridge is over 669 feet tall and was constructed in the year 2000. It connects Denmark and Sweden and weighs over 81,000 tonnes. The bridge allows travelers to pass through by train, car and bus on a daily basis. It can hold over 60,000 people and the construction costs have been estimated at 3.8 billion dollars.


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