Top Ten Stylish Caps

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Caps have been considered to be trendy for over a 100 years and were regularly worn by women during the Victorian era. Let us look at the top 10 stylish caps.


1. The Ascot Cap

This cap is often referred to as the Cuffley cap and is worn by men. The material that is used to make this cap is hard and the appearance if similar to that of a flat cap. The shape is slightly rounded and the material used varies from company to company as well as season to season.


2. A Beret

A Beret is round in shape and is very soft. The material used to manufacture berets is either felt or wool. The crown of these caps is flat and is worn quite frequently by women and men in France. Interestingly, these caps were originally worn by people in Spain.


3. A do-rag

A do-rag or a durag or doo-rag is simply a single cloth piece which covers ones head. They are quite popular as they can be worn with almost any outfit and look very fashionable. Initially, a do-rag was worn by those who wanted to prevent their fashionable hairdos from getting ruined during sleep


4. Flat Cap

A flat cap may also go by the name of a scally cap. It is worn mostly by men and is round in shape. The brim is very stiff and the material used can either be cotton or tweed. Though it is rare, a number of manufacturers also use leather.


5. Newsboy Cap

A Newsboy cap is worn on a day to day basis and is very casual. The style is similar to that of a flat cap and is also called the Apple Cap, Jay Gatsby, Eight Panel, Fisherman’s Cap and Baker Boy. Like the flat cap, the brim is quite stiff but the rest of the cap is fuller and more rounded. Most newsboy caps have buttons on the crown.


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