Top Ten Stylish Caps

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6. Tam

While this cap is not all that popular, it is definitely quite stylish. The Tam is slightly taller than most caps and is round in shape. This knitted cap is often quite bright and was first manufactured by the Irish and the Scottish people. It may also be sewn or crocheted.


7. Tam o’shanter

This cap is named after a character of the same name featured in Robert Burns’ poem. It is basically a bonnet worn by men and the material used is usually wool. One may also find a toorie or a pompom on the crown of the tam o’shanter. Initially, because not too many dyes were available, they were manufactured only in one color- blue. Today they can be found in a variety of colors and tartans.


8. Tuque

This knitted cap was initially made out of wool but today is created using a number of synthetic fibers. A Tuque is usually worn by people during the winter as they are very warm. While some toques come with ear flaps, others are tapered and the rest have adorable pom-poms.


9. Cloche Cap

This hat is quite fitted and was made popular by Caroline Reboux during the 1920s. It is bell-shaped and is made of felt as it can take the shape of the head. Cloche caps are usually worn very low and they tend to almost cover the person’s eyes.


10. Wool Caps

Wool caps are the most common and brightly colored caps available in the market today. While some have patterns, others are plain and the rest are striped. They are available in a variety of shapes and depending on the manufacturer, can either be knitted or crocheted.

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