Top Ten Pink Floyd Songs

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Pink Floyd is said to be among the most successful bands in history. They gained popularity for their spacey/psychedelic rock music coupled with philosophical lyrics initially and have sold 200 million albums worldwide. The following the top 10 songs of the band.


1. Comfortably Numb

This is perhaps amongst the most popular tracks of Pink Floyd. It came out on in 1979 on their double album ‘The Wall’. The song is especially known for its guitar solos. This was the last song which was performed by Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason together.


2. Us and Them

This song belongs to the album, “Dark Side of the Moon”. The keyboard played by Richard Wright and the lyrics formulated by Roger Waters together made this song a hit.


3. Interstellar Overdrive

This song is part of the album titled “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” which was the band’s first album. It has enthralling opening bass riff is one of the most famous tunes in classic rock. The song received widespread critical acclaim when it was first released.


4. Atom Heart Mother

This song belongs to the album of the same name and is said to be the second-longest compilation ever recorded by the band. It is almost 24 minutes long. The entire album is eclectic in nature and the lyrics are truly remarkable.


5. Coming back to life

‘Coming back to life’ was written by David Gilmour and his efforts are definitely notable in the beautifully composed guitar solos that seem to bring a strange sort of calmness to one’s mind.


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  • Dustin

    Great list! Love the Floyd! I would’ve picked “Shine On” for #1 though. Dogs…! Awesome! One of the Les Claypool’s groups does an amazing full album cover of Animals. I would suggest it to any Floyd fan.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Great list!! But ‘Time’ isn’t here at all?

  • daffodil

    I know most people will disagree, but my favorite is, “On the Turning Away.”

  • Godzonekid

    Truly, On the Turning Away and Brain Damage should head this list. IMHO Brilliant in their simplicity, not that the complexity of other songs detracts from their brilliance. Sometimes simplicity works exceedingly well, as in these two compositions.

  • Ashis

    MY fav one is coming back to life,,most of them work by david,the solos are awsome,,
    bt us and them,comfortably numb,time,on the turning away ,they also get my 200% vote..<3 pink floyd

  • sahithya

    list is incomplete without brain damage:(

  • rooperk

    the thing is that every pink floyd song is great and must be on that list!

  • nitin

    wish you were here
    just love this track

  • Bhargav

    Shine on you Crazy Diamond is definitely my No.1. Great solo at the start.

  • Karunanchal

    this list is not true, the best song by pink floyd is HEY YOU. this is one of the best song i have ever heard

  • brewster

    I have to admit now that the internet was a mistake.