Top 10 Books That Will Go Down in History

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These books were created with certain motives in mind and have influenced people in the past and continue to do so.


1. The Bible

The Bible has undoubtedly changed the world and deserves the first spot in this list. It allowed Christianity to become the largest in terms of religious followers. The Bible has been divided into two volumes- The New Testament and the Old Testament. It has been written by a number of authors and was the first book that was published with the help of the printing press.


2. The Qur’an

This holy book is followed by those who a part of the Islamic religion. Muslims follow each verse and text in the book religiously and live their lives according to the teachings of the founder of Islam.


3. The Summa Theologica

The content of this book is divided into a number of volumes and the text speaks about the Christian beliefs. It is a part of the curriculum in Roman Catholic seminaries and has influenced the Christian world greatly.


4. The Rights of Man

This book has been written by Thomas Paine who managed to influence the idea of Democracy with his writing. He talks about how it is the job of the Government to protect human being which is only possible if their fundamental rights are protected as well. Those nations that do not follow this philosophy are illegitimate and their practices are unlawful.


5. Either/Or

Either/Or has been written by Søren Kierkegaard who talks about two ways of living- one can either be hedonistic or ethical and responsible. Each view point is supported with the help of fictional characters and topics like seduction, drama and music also find mention in the text.


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