Top Ten Most Unusual Mental Disorders

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Mental disorders make up for a tenth of the diseases in the world. While some mental disorders, albeit life-altering, are quite common, these are definitely not.


1. Stockholm Syndrome

This disorder is often seen among those who have been abducted in the past. The hostage begins to feel sympathy, compliance as well as loyalty with the person who has kidnapped him. The risk does not matter and the hostage may also refuse to testify again him.


2. Lime Syndrome

This mental disorder is seen amongst the hostage takers wherein they become in tune with the needs of those who they have kidnapped. They become emotionally attached to them and end up releasing them quite quickly.


3. Diogenes Syndrome

This mental disorder is associated with a Greek philosopher who decided to live like an animal. Therefore, those who suffer from this disorder resign themselves to a life characterized by unusual and reclusive tendencies; a type of hoarding that is compulsive and self neglect. Diogenes Syndrome is associated with such senior citizens that are slightly senile.


4. Paris Syndrome

This mental disorder is very common among those Japanese tourists who become anxious in Paris and have severe mental meltdowns. Even though it is quite rare, the experience can be quite harrowing for those who suffer from it. These polite tourists suffer from a major culture shock as they cannot understand why the city is nothing like it is portrayed in the movies.


5. Stendhal Syndrome

Those who suffer from this mental disorder find it difficult to stand before beautiful artwork. They are instantly anxious, confused and dizzy. Some may even hallucinate if they see ‘too much art’ in one place. This term is also used to describe that condition which is associated with people who experience the same symptoms after being exposed to natural beauty.


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