Top Ten Superbowl Advertisements

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The Superbowl is a championship game of American football. It is so widely watched that the day it airs on television is said to be a national holiday all over the USA. The advertisements that are featured during the game are some of the best. Here is a list of the top 10 Superbowl Advertisements.


1. McDonalds-1993

This advertisement was featured during the 1993 Superbowl and showed Larry Bird and Michael Jordan competing during the HORSE championship for fries and Big Mac from McDonalds. There are a number of obstacles in their way which is what makes the commercial as interesting as it is.


2. Apple’s Macintosh-1984

The advertisement featured a woman running through a massive auditorium and breaking the screen with a hammer. A person similar to Big Brother was speaking on the screen before it exploded and “We shall prevail” were his last words. The main idea was to make the audience understand that Macintosh was on its way.


3. Master Lock- 1974

This company ran a series of advertisements through the year which showed sharpshooters targeting Master Locks and hitting them but leaving them unscathed and unopened. The message is simple- the strong lock will not open without its lock even if you burn it down.


4. Coca-Cola-1980

This superbowl advertisement featured “Mean Joe” Greene. A young fan gives him a can of Coke and as repayment, he throws the kid away effortlessly. ESPN says that this popular advertisement was never featured during the superbowl, but fans argue that it was.

5. Coke- 2008

Coca-Cola created this advertisement during the 2008 superbowl. It showed two parade balloons, one was meant to be Underdog and the other was Stewie. The two then fight for another parade balloon in the form of a Coke bottle but are defeated when a fourth Charlie Brown parade balloon shows up and snatches the aerated drink from them. The popular cartoon characters are adored by Americans which is why Coke decided to use them.


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