Top 10 Album Covers That Created Controversy

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These album covers meant to look artsy and different and needless to say, they managed so well that they end up sparking controversy through the country.

1. The Origin of the Feces

This album was released by Type O Negative in 1992 and the cover photo was said to be ‘cheeky’. It featured a derriere that was held by two hands and the image was in gray. It was said that it belonged to Peter Steele, the lead vocalist.


2. Far Beyond Driven

This album by Pantera was released in 1994. It showed a drill that was sticking out of a human’s anus. It was then replaced with the image of a skeleton and the same drill, it seemed, was coming out of his forehead instead.


3. Amorica

This album was released in 1994 by The Black Crowes. It showed a woman wearing an underwear which had the American flag printed on it. A few strands of hair were poking out which is why it was banned.


4. Appetite for Destruction

This Guns n Roses album was released in 1987. The name was taken from a painting by Robert Williams. The cover showed a very graphic rape scene which is why retailers across the country refused to stock the album. The cover was then replaced by a common image of skulls.


5. Holy Wood in the Shadow of the Valley of Death

The cover of this album by Marilyn Manson released in 2000 shows the singer against a black background. His arms are stretched upwards and it looks as though he is being crucified. The disturbing part is that his jaw is missing and when he was asked about that, he replied saying that it was symbol of censorship. The image is very violent and was later removed completely from the album cover.


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