Top Ten Clichés Used In Movies

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Since Hollywood makes innumerable movies through any given year, the directors cannot help but use a few clichés in their films every now and then.


1. Action Heroes and Bullets

Action heroes have the superhuman ability to dodge bullets almost every time without getting hit even once. Henchmen are obviously bad shots who never took part in target practice sessions. Almost every action film will include such a scene but the audience will still cheer every time when the hero remains unscathed.


2. All You Need is a Laptop

When the protagonist of a film is trying to find important Government information, all he needs is a few short minutes and a regular laptop. These movies forget to mention the fact that Government data is still mostly on paper. The main character always knows exactly what to do and manages to save the day by the end. Movies like Enemy of the State and Mission Impossible are testaments to this fact.


3. The Third Person Shoots

The movie is about to end and there is a showdown between the good guy and the bad guy. The bad guy is pointing the gun at the good guy and the audience hears a shot. They expect the hero to fall but miraculously, the bad guy keels over and we see a third person who managed to make it just on time. This scene was played out bit by bit in movies like Reservoir Dogs, A History of Violence and Die Hard.


4. The Killer Returns

This scene plays out in almost every other thriller or horror movie. The bad guy is finally dead and the good guy turns his back on him and at the same time looks relieved. The next thing we know, the bad guy lets out a scream and the action resumes.


5. They Always Look Perfect

The James Bond protagonists always look chiseled and fresh no matter how many punches have been thrown in their direction. In addition to that, the women in such films always wake up with their makeup and hair in place.


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