Top 10 Facts About Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are those pesky insects we avoid and kill as we scream. They are ugly and dirty and will drive you mad if you see more than a dozen at the same time.

1. Agile Creatures

Most insects find it difficult to move over terrain that is too rocky or too uneven. However, these creatures can move quite easily and like they have no care in the world no matter how difficult the surface of the land.


2. Nocturnal Traits

Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means that they come out only during the night. If you shine a light at them, they will run away. So, instead of wasting money on insect-repellent sprays and the like, you can just take your torch and follow them till they reach the exit and slam the door as hard as you can.


3. Darkness is Their Friend

Cockroaches like to live in darkness and in groups. If you see a single roach in the wilderness, you can be sure that it will be followed by its relatives and friends. They are probably sensitive to the light which is why the live like they do and run from the light as mentioned in the above point.

4. Not too fussy

Cockroaches will eat whatever they can find and are not too fussy as long as their tummies are full. This includes other insects, maybe their own friends and plants and waste products lying about. It would be pretty easy to open a restaurant for cockroaches, don’t you think?


5. Chirping and Hissing Noises

While crickets and mosquitoes are annoying in their own special way, cockroaches really take the cake. They like to chirp and hiss as they move around or come in contact with anything solid. If you put these sounds together, you will find that these tiny insects are more irritating than birds that are known to sit around and coo.


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