Top Ten Underrated Singers

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These singers influenced lots of other contemporary singers during their time and continue to do so. One can think of them as teachers who imparted their knowledge but were not given enough credit. Here’s a list of the top 10 underrated singers.


1. Richie Havens

Richie Havens is both a guitarist and a singer who is known for performing at Woodstock. The way he played the guitar was very unique and the style so created was rhythmic without having a proper pattern. If you listen to his music, you will hear a faint drumming sound which is actually the sound of foot tapping. He was famous in his own village and was only locally successful.

2. Ian Curtis

This vocalist and lyricist died in 1980 after committing suicide. It has been believed that he got overly anxious as a tour was around the corner and was also finding it difficult to deal with his epilepsy. People thought that he was merely dancing when he had seizures on stage. This underrated singer has left behind a remarkable legacy.


3. Vini Reilly

Reilly was a singer and guitarist and his music belonged to the ‘post-punk’ era. His first album was groundbreaking and was released in 1988. He was a part of the musical movement fondly referred to as the ‘chill-out electronica’. Vini Reilly worked with Anne Clark, John Cooper Clarke and many more.


4. Gram Parsons

This underrated singer found mention in the top 100 Great Artists of All Time in the Rolling Stones magazine. He headed a prominent rock movement during the 1970s and was associated with bands like The Flying Burrito Brothers and International Submarine Band. His style was unique and completely new.


5. Jeff Buckley

This American songwriter, guitarist and singer had a beautiful voice and was thought to have great potential after his debut album was released in 1994. Unfortunately, before the audience could experience his music to the fullest, he drowned in 1997.


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