Top Ten Pro-Green Companies

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Contrary to what people like to believe, global warming is not a myth- the situation is getting worse as we speak. The environment is in great danger and it is our job to preserve it by using the products of the following pro-green companies that propagate healthy environmental practices. Today, the debate on Global Warming elicits a mixed bag of responses – some believe it is not as serious as it is depicted by the media, while some feel the exact opposite. Here are ten companies which strongly feel for the environment.

1. 3six5 green

3 six 5 is basically three hundred and sixty five and the green part comes in because the company is passionate about living in an eco-friendly manner all through the year (365 days). They give beautiful calendars to their customers which include photographs and tips that list out how a lay man can save the planet. Their products are bio-degradable and the popular ones include jute rugs and jewelry made with bamboo and terracotta.


2. 420 Hemp Shop

This retail store has a respectable reputation as it is a conscientious and dependable member of the community. Their main aim is to promote the benefits of sustainable resources and simultaneously address the most prominent issues that surround the planet.


3. A.R.E Naturals

A.R.E Naturals’ mission is to protect and propagate the values of a ‘green life’. Their products are handmade, recyclable, sustainable and 100% organic. Those who supply to their store are aware of the fact that they ultimately need to give back what they have taken from the planet.


4. Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc.

This company specializes in the production and research of those products that are eco-friendly with the help of biotechnology. They collaborated with the U.S. Coast Guard for the purpose of creating a system for paint removal that was both effective and biodegradable. Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. has created products like MagiGlue and MuckPuck.


5. Wallaby Boomerangs

Wallaby Boomerangs produces sturdy and natural boomerangs and has been in business since 1993. These boomerangs are handcrafted and made using bamboo. The varnish and paint used is ecological and biodegradable.


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