Top 10 Media Stories That Changed Lives Across The World in 2009-2010

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There are certain stories that are covered by the media which have the ability to either make or break lives. The following media stories shook people up and some made their lives simpler.


1. The Recession

When the media announced that the United States of America was suffering from an economic meltdown and that several measures would be taken to combat the problem, people were left speechless all over the world. Certain rules regarding credit cards and credit card companies practically stopped their lives and forced them to look for other options.


2. Michael Jackson’s Death

As far as pop culture is concerned, the media did not cover a bigger story than the death of this music legend. This singer was idolized by people all over the world and when he died, people were not only shocked, they were devastated. Many adults ended their lives because they felt that they had no reason to go on without Michael Jackson. His music changed the industry and his death changed the world.


3. Barack Obama

When Barack Obama won the election, lives were definitely changed across the world. The fact that an African American had been chosen by the people was enough to break large racial barriers and bring people closer.


4. 2009/2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruptions

The media was quick to cover this event when this Icelandic volcano erupted in late 2009. The media was also quick to cover the air travel disruptions across Europe in 2010. The disruption was due to a volcanic cloud that pushed all over Europe. Many travellers had to find alternative means to getting back home.


5. Same-sex Marriages

Gay marriages or same-sex marriages were legalized in three states. It is now authorized in 5 out of 50 states in the United States, one federal districts and one Indian Tribe. A bill has been passed in India as well.


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