Top 10 Kid Shows That Kids Should Not Watch

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There are some good shows on the television that help children learn the alphabet or teach them about numbers. Then there are the following which will only alarm them and scar them for life.


1. Max and Ruby

This animated show revolves around two bunnies-Ruby is Max’s elder sister. It is all very innocent till one realizes that the parents are never around. Ruby looks after Max and pretends to be his mother even though she is only seven years old. Maybe some animated social services should visit the show.


2. LazyTown

The protagonist of this show is named Stephanie and she is a human being. She visits LazyTown and decides to live with her uncle. However, everybody in the town, including her uncle, is a puppet. There is one more human who encourages the puppets to start eating junk food. Humans and puppets live around each other like it is perfectly normal and give the children serious headaches.


3. Teletubbies

Even though this show is quite popular, one cannot deny the fact that it is quite bizarre and should not be watched by kids. What are these creatures meant to be? They have screens instead of stomachs and their voices are nothing if not weird.


4. Oobi

It is difficult to describe the characters in this show. Let’s just say they are played by hands which hold up eyeballs. These hands don’t speak much- they throw about single worlds when they feel like it. If this does not give children nightmares, the Teletubbies surely will.


5. VeggieTales

This show features strange looking anthropomorphic vegetables that play instruments. What’s more, they teach children all about Biblical values and morals. Why?


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