Top 10 Kid Shows That Kids Should Not Watch

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6. Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou

Not much is known about this show but one particular episode shows the main character, Shimajirou sitting on the toilet seat as his parents are trying to potty train him. They do this by singing about his ‘activities’ and the toilet lures him towards itself and there are certain loud noises one can hear as the ‘waste’ travels down the drain.


7. Ludwig

Ludwig is basically a gemstone who rescues animals in a forest. He did so with the help of certain gadgets which would protrude out of his body whenever he gave the command. A birdwatcher kept an eye on his activities with his large binoculars. Nobody really knows why.


8. Boobah

Boobah has been created by the same genius who gave us the privilege of getting acquainted with the Teletubbies. These characters had bizarre names like Jingbah, Humbah or Zing Zing Zinbah. They can emit light and musical sounds through their heads and they all live together in a large ball.


9. The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

This show features two very creepy characters, namely, Chip the Black Boy and Teddy Eddie. While the former sings and plays the guitar even though he clearly can’t do both, the latter is a panda who likes to sing and tell children to stay away from drugs. A good message but the kids will be so mystified that it will definitely not get through.


10. Tomorrow’s Pioneers

This show was broadcast with the aim of teaching children all about the alphabet. However, it is a well-known fact that it is laced with themes like Anti-Semitism, Islamism and anti-Americanism. The main characters were Fargour, Assoud and Nahoul. The fact that one particular episode was called “Farfour and the AK-47” should give you a hint about how bizarre it truly was.

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