Top 10 Most Unusual Serial Killers of Recent Times

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These serial killers were mentally unstable and killed people for kicks. The following list covers some of the most unusually psychopathic killers around the world and talks about the best of the worst.


1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

This man killed over 300 people and was referred to as the Monster of Andes. By 1978, this ruthless serial killer had wiped out about 100 tribal women of Peru. Lopez went on to reside in Ecuador soon after and killed a minimum of 4 girls on a weekly basis. Lopez created a mass grave to bury his victims which was discovered unexpectedly.


2. Henry Lee Lucas

Henry Lee Lucas initially bragged that he had killed over 3,000 people but after investigations, this number was brought down to 100. With the help of Ottis Toole, he managed to kill people almost every other day and died in 2001 in prison.

3. Bruno Ludke

Ludke was only 18 years old when he had killed at least 85 women in 1927. He liked to attack women and molested them on a daily basis. He would stab or strangle them after sexually assaulting them. He was sent to a mental asylum wherein the doctors tested several chemicals on him. He died in 1944 when an experiment went wrong.

4. Andrei Chikatilo

This man from Russia killed about 53 women and an equal number of children for 15 years till 1991. He picked those people who lived on the streets and his crimes were extremely violent. He would stab his victims over 25 times until he was sexually satisfied. He confessed to about 55 murders in 1990 and three of the bodies were not found.


5. Gerald Stano

From 1973 till 1980, Gerald Stano killed mostly hitch-hikers and prostitutes. Even though he did not sexually assault his victims, he made sure they were stabbed countless number of times or strangled till their eyes popped out. He was executed in 1998 on an electric chair.


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  • Lisa

    I must point out that contrary to popular belief, Charles Manson was NOT a serial killer. He is considered a “spree” killer, in that the crimes he commited were carried out in a very short period of time (7 victims in 2 days) as opposed to months or even years as is common with serial killers.

  • MansonFamily

    Also they didnt cut Sharon Tates stomach open and stab her fetus. Susan Atkins wanted to do this, but she didnt have time to.

  • Claire

    John Wayne Gacy was hardly a prominent political figure – he was a fundraiser for the local branch of the Democrats, and president of hte local Jaycees chapter. Jeez, he was dressing as a clown to raise money at local events…. wouldn’t have bothered his local senator much, would it?

    What about Harold Shipman? A doctor who killed between 100 and 300 elderly patients with overdoses? That would be reasonably odd….

  • Samantha

    2,400 years? Really?! I bet the judge got some pleasure from reciting that sentance!