Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries in 2010

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The following industries have gained prominence in 2010 because they have followed smart and simple advertising strategies.

1. Hospitality

This industry encompasses the likes of resorts, hotels, clubs, attraction spots and restaurants. Those who become a part of this industry are required to have good people skills and should know how to think on their feet. The good news is that it is easy to get a job in this industry even if you do not have a degree in hand.


2. Retail

Every country, city and state is laced with retail outlets that sell every kind of merchandise under the sun. This industry is growing because people will never get enough of shopping and spending their money!


3. Real Estate

People have gotten marginally richer over the years which is why property prices have soared in a manner that can only be described as startling. Therefore, people are constantly looking to invest in real estate which is why there is a demand for property managers and dealers at any given time of the year.


4. Education

People have started understanding the importance of education and those who have the money do not think twice before opening training centers and schools. It is safe to say that this industry will stop growing only when humans are wiped off the face of the earth.


5. Media

Media as an industry has seen maximum growth over the past few years. This is because citizens today have become very conscious about having their voice be heard. Therefore, they become a part of newspapers and type out blog posts every chance they get. Also, there is a glamorous tag attached to this industry which is why it is as popular as it is.


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