Top 10 TV and Movie Cars

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6. The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine was the van used by the team made famous by Scooby Doo & Mystery Inc. With the aid of his friends Freddie, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy, Scooby got to the bottom of every mystery to usually reveal a man hiding behind a ghoul or ghost mask. Unfortunately, the Mystery Machine didn’t include any special features or crime fighting tools, but was still a cool looking van.


7. New York

If you think of a yellow taxi you automatically think of New York, made famous by Robert De Niro in the movie “Taxi Driver”. There aren’t many of the old style around anymore, although if you’re lucky you may get a ride in one.


8. Italian Job Minis

Pretend you are Michael Caine ready to steal a shipment of gold from Italy and check out the Mini Cooper S straight from the film “The Italian Job”.


9. Lady Penelope’s Limousine

Over 20ft long and incredibly hard to manoeuvre round corners, Lady Penelope’s car (also known as FAB1) is available if you want be seen driving round in the longest, pinkest car you can imagine. Just find someone willing to act as Parker and you’re ready to go.


10. The Flintstone’s cars

As this doesn’t have an engine, airbags or brakes, The Flintstones’ car cannot be deemed roadworthy. Powered by the driver and passenger running, the Flintstones’ car was capable of a top speed of 2mph.


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