Top 10 Rumors That Lead To Mass Hysteria

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That incident which causes widespread panic among several people when they believe that they are all suffering from a common illness or going through the same problem is known as mass hysteria.


1. Arthur Machen’s Angels

Arthur Machen wrote several short stories about some angels after which certain rumors started circulating through Europe. People believed that the Angels of Mons were protecting the British soldiers during the initial years of World War I.


2. Kuchisake-onna

Kuchisake-onna is a terrifyingly ugly woman who features in Japanese mythology. The story talks about a woman who was maimed and killed by her husband after which she came back to take revenge.


3. The Year Two Thousand Bug

Somebody spread the rumor that the clocks that are featured on the bottom right corner of computers would quit working on 1st January 2000 which would lead to certain disasters in every part of the world. However, nothing happened and the computer industry felt pretty foolish about spending over 300 billion dollars in preparation of a crisis that did not exist to begin with.


4. The Odd Looking Creature Called Jack

Many people claimed to have been attacked in 1837 by a strange looking creature who had long pointed years, yellow or glowing eyes and a long nose. As the story spread, so did the complaints and the number of ‘victims’.


5. A Monster in London

A man is rumored to have attacked beautiful women during the late 1700s. While some say he carried the knives, others say he had them poking out of his knees. These stories reached different parts of the country after which young girls started injuring themselves and telling the officials that the unknown man was responsible.


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