Top 10 Rumors That Lead To Mass Hysteria

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6. The Leaflet That Caused Trouble

Somebody started circulating a typewritten list of food additives that could cause cancer during the latter half of 1970. Because citric acid was mentioned in the list, people started panicking all over Europe and the same information was printed onto leaflets and passed out in hospitals, schools and clinics in the 1980s.


7. The Children in Georgia

Some parents gathered in a school in Georgia in 1988. One mother told the rest that her son was sick as he kept getting headaches, nausea and was looking pale and tired ever since the beginning of the term. Over time, the other parents said that their children were suffering from the same problem and blamed the school for it. Several tests were carried out but surprise surprise! There was nothing wrong with the children. According to experts, most of the parents imagined the problem as the children said that they didn’t feel ill at all.


8. Satanic Abuse

SRA was a term given to a rumor that started in America and spread to many parts of the world. People believed that the rich and wealthy all over the world kidnapped children for pornographic purposes, sacrifices or prostitution. The panic died down during the second half of 1990.


9. The Unknown Slasher

Two young girls said that they had been harmed by an unknown man with a mallet and bright shoes. The rumors spread through the country and the weapon transformed into a knife or razor. The mass hysteria died down when a woman came forward and confessed that she had actually injured herself.

10. Death by a Fan

According to a rumor which originated in South Korea, an electric fan can kill the people in the room either by suffocation or hypothermia if it is left on through the night.

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