Top 10 Unknown Facts About Life During The Victorian Era

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When people think of the Victorian era, they imagine beautiful mansions, coy women and gallant men. They don’t think of the following facts which are nothing if not weird.


1. Let’s Dress Up!

Those people who lived the good life and were known as the elites at the time had nothing to do which is why they were always bored. Because television and iPods did not exist, they had to find other ways to keep themselves entertained. Therefore, they made bizarre costumes and wore them all around the house. If they were in a good mood, they would also pose for each other.


2. Poorhouses

Poor people and those who were mentally ill had no place in society and were shunned by the privileged sections. Poorhouses were constructed for them where they lived in miserable conditions and had to work to ward off starvation.


3. Fog and Smoke

It was normal to get engulfed by something known as pea-soupers during the Victorian era. These are basically a combination of smoke and thick fog. Naturally, it was very difficult to see through them which is why thousands of people died every year. It also gave serial killers a chance to execute their plans.


4. Bizarre Food

The food that was out listed out in the menus during the Victorian era was anything but tempting. People at the time loved to eat offal on a daily basis. They loved to eat organs like the heart and munch on the brain. Turtle soup was very popular too, mainly because the animal’s fat is gelatin-like and quite delicious.


5. Painful Surgery

Surgery is never fun but it was especially horrifying during the Victorian era. Neither painkillers nor anesthesia had been invented at the time. The operation went on for hours and was excruciatingly painful.


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