Top 10 Unusual Cakes

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A cake is supposed to be good looking so that we want to eat it. Those who created these obviously did not think so because they are nothing if not ugly and repulsive.


1. The Lung Cake

Hopefully this cake started off as a normal and round chocolate cake but the baker seemed to have had a very bad idea. He covered it with a sickening version of the color pink and added irregular red lines all over it. The pink portion was meant to be the base of the lungs and the red lines were the veins. Bon Appétit!


2. Dead Crow

The name says it all. This cake was in the form of a crow that was placed belly up on the round foil-covered base. Its head was turned to the left and its mouth was open. The best part is that some red blood-like liquid was placed next to its mouth because God forbid, we may misunderstand and think that its asleep.


3. Decapitation Cake

The baker here placed a severed head on top of a grey round base- splattered with blood-like frosting. The ‘person’ had its eyes closed, his skull was bandaged and his face was horribly bruised and cut up. His features were molded to put across the fact that it had been through great torture. That is exactly what we want to think about before we eat something, right?


4. Kitty Litter Cake

The base of this cake was molded into the form of a container that is used to collect kitty litter. The main portion of this cake was a sickly brown, green and mustard-yellow. It was probably delicious- once you got over how gross it looked.


5. Divorce Cake

We all know that wedding cakes are three-tiered, beautifully iced and decorated with marzipan flowers. A divorce cake is similar- the only difference is that instead of the statue of the couple, it has only the bride atop the cake and the poor groom is lying face down at the base. Blood trickles down the various layers and makes the cake look quite hilarious.


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