Top 10 Unusual Cakes

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6. Skull Cake

This cake is in the form of a skull which is deteriorating horribly. The eye sockets are filled with black icing as are the ears and teeth.


7. Carrie Cake

We all know who Carrie is- the timid fictional character created by Stephen King who had pigs blood thrown all over her at her prom. This cake depicts the scene and shows the telekinetic girls standing with a bouquet of flowers, drenched in blood.


8. Zombie Cake

This horrible cake was created by a woman who obviously had a great imagination. The zombie’s head was painted a gruesome shade of black and its hair was yellow and seemed to have been ripped out of its skull. It had rotting teeth and a single blue eye. The other socket had blood sprouting out of it.


9. Thorax Cake

The thorax is that part of the body which extends from a region below the head till the abdomen. The lungs and the heart are placed within this cavity and needless to say, so are a bunch of blood vessels. All the makings of a yummy cake, obviously.


10. Severed Hand and Rats

The baker first created a bloody and severed hand and then some rats. He then placed the rats around the hand to make it seem like they were coming towards it to nibble at it. You can pretend that you are a rat when you eat this revolting cake.

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