Top 10 Technological Advancements That The World Needs

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Science has grown colossally, especially over the last few years. It has managed to eradicate a number of diseases and make our lives easier. However, as they say- there is always room for improvement.


1. DNA Computer

The DNA molecules in our body are programmed to store massive volumes of genetic information on a long-term basis. One milligram can store anything and everything that has ever been printed since the beginning of time. One can only imagine how much information a DNA computer will be able to save.


2. A Colonized Moon

When a great mind somewhere in the world realized that it would be possible to colonize objects and room in space, he also figured out that the Moon could get colonized. When man walked across this object, the dream almost became a reality but not quite. NASA has not been able to achieve this objective just yet but hopefully, they will in the near future.


3. Head Transplant

The mere thought of such a transplant is bizarre and maybe that is why the surgery has not become commonplace today. For a head transplant to take place, the patient would need to get decapitated voluntarily and then have his head replaced with that of a donor’s. The main reason why the world needs this technological advancement is that it will help get rid of such diseases that effect the body, but not the head directly.


4. Clean Energy

Fossil fuels are depleting as we speak and according to studies, there will be no oil left in the world in about 55 years. This is why we need to develop or look for additional sources of clean energy. They are eco-friendly and just what the world needs.


5. Cure for Cancer

In many ways, this deadly disease is like the common cold because even though it is possible to treat it, there is no definite cure for it. Cancer kills about 7 million people every year which is why a cure should be found as soon as possible.


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