Top 10 Scariest Attractions

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Before you ask why somebody would voluntarily want to get scared, think again! There are many people all over the world who get a thrill out of getting terrified out of their minds. Most of them are haunted houses.


1. Borley Rectory

This haunted house in England got its reputation over 80 years ago. People complain about odd noises coming from within the premises and some have even reported seeing ghost-like figures in the windows. Ration tourists explain it away and blame the moonlight or the darkness, but we know better.


2. Dead Man’s Curve

If you travel on this street, you will not travel on any other. Why? Because you will die. Hundreds of people have had sudden accidents on this road and according to legend, five young people met with a very brutal accident during the 1960s. The only survivor says that a headless hitchhiker roams the street.


3. Kelly Road

If you are in Pennsylvania and you find yourself getting increasingly spooked with every passing second, you may be standing on Kelly Road. Visitors say that if you go there with an animal, it will practically lose its mind and bare its violent side. Do not go here and keep your pets away as well.


4. The Whaley House

This attraction in California is pretty haunted, one would say. The doors and windows open and close violently even when the air is still. The courtroom is particularly odd and if you happen to visit, you will smell phantom cigar smoke and hear funny voices. It is enough to drive anybody crazy.


5. Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall in England has been haunted for over 300 years now. A woman called the Brown Lady likes scaring tourists and visitors. People say that she has no eyes, just blank sockets. The scariest part is that somebody has taken a photograph of this lovely lady. You can always meet her, if you like.


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