Top 10 Performance Car Upgrades

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No matter how cheap or expensive our cars are, we treat them like our babies and make sure that they have all that they need. This is why you should upgrade them regularly!

1. Electric Fans

Just like a computer, cars have fans that work over time to make sure that you car does not come to a screeching halt every time the engine heats up. Most cars come equipped with mechanical fans and while they get the job done, they also take a lot of out of the car.


2. Electric Fuel Pump

Similar to the mechanical fan, the regular pumps steal that power which should work towards moving the wheels faster. This is why you should go out and buy its electric counterpart and keep your car in sparkling condition till you decide to buy a new one!


3. Air Induction

We all know how horsepower is created- the air that is sucked in by the car’s engine travels till the fuel and creates the mixture. Naturally, if this amount can be enhanced, the horsepower will subsequently increase as well. Air Induction units do just that and the best part is that they tap into the fuel economy as well.


4. Carburetors

If the air induction unit des not appeal to you, you can always increase the capacity of your carburetor and add to the existing horsepower. This means that if you have a 4 barrel capacity, you should add to it and make it 6 barrel. Fortunately, many companies out there create state of the art carburetors because they understand that a small change could make all the difference.

5. Fuel Injection

Upgrading a carburetor will do the trick as well and this is possible if you transform it into a fuel injection. This performance car upgrade will increase the horsepower that your car runs on and keep the readings precise.


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  • Ashamed

    Are those serious explanations? Those aren’t even close to being right.

  • hahaha

    HA. very amusing!

    Superchargers are attached to the vehicle’s rear portion and apart from making it look good, it will also work wonders for your engine.

    hopefully top ten is a joke!

  • Dave

    Wow! You really have no clue about how any of this works do you? My five year old niece has a better understanding of most of this stuff than you appear to have. Maybe try a little research before you spew this crap.

  • Matt

    Superchargers reduce the volume of air, allowing it to be used over and over again? Where did you come up with that? A supercharger INCREASES the volume of air, pushing it into the engine. More air means more power, as long as you have the fuel capacity (injectors) and spark (spark plugs) to accommodate the air.

  • Toby

    Total crap list. Most of the explanations are completely wrong. Research a bit more and make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of how engines work before making a list like this.

  • These are all bolt on’s, a modern car’s computer will make changes to render most of these parts to work at stock specs unless the computer is modified. Even then the car’s computer could override the aftermarket comp to think it was doing it’s job when specs were back at factory. everything else on this list in order to make power and work correctly would need other thing such as piston rings, cams, porting, changing compression… Haynes Auto Manual’s are a good source of information on a specific vehicle. Auto community Forums on the web like :ex (Nasioc) are another great source of modifying information.

    The route i was taught to take is from the ground up. Anything free/weight removal, Tires, harness, Brake pads, disks, springs and struts, sway bars, strut braces… then you wont die when you go to make a turn after the Turbo mod. Though you don’t need any of this stuff to drive fast, just to know how to simply drive a fast line.

  • what?

    I especially enjoyed reading about how a turbocharger works. This must be a joke.

  • Sam

    So, uh, nitrous will “attack the fuel” and “send it into a frenzy,” eh? It has nothing to do with density, it’s all about frenzied fuel. Wacky, crazy fuel. Got it. And the air intake is all about volume, nothing to do with temperature and density? Uh huh.

    If you’re trying to go faster and your car is equipped with a carburetor, a mechanical fuel pump and a mechanical fan, your first upgrade should be to get a vehicle from this century.

    But if I ever find myself in 1978 again, I’ll be sure to heed these useful tips.

  • LOL


    “Never gonna give you up” -RR

    The turbo attaches to the muffler bearing. DUH!