Top 10 People Who Passed Away Due To Embarrassing Circumstances

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Some people have dramatic deaths while the rest simply fade away. Then there are those who pass away due to embarrassing circumstances.


1. Empedocles

This Greek philosopher is world-renowned for his theories and had many followers during his time. According to legend, he jumped into a volcano because he wanted his supporters to think that his body would disappear and he would be among them soon after, but as a God. One of his shoes flew out of the volcano and revealed his deceit.


2. Pyrrhus of Epirus

When this man was entering Argos atop an elephant after losing a battle, an elderly woman threw a tile at him. Needless to say, he was stunned after which a foot soldier stabbed him.


3. Eleazar Maccabeus

Maccabeus was fighting a battle in 163 B.C. when he thought he saw the enemy atop his elephant a few feet away. He ran towards the two and stabbed the animal in the stomach. The elephant died and fell on Maccabeus who, in turn, died on impact. What’s more, the man riding the elephant was not the enemy.


4. Emperor Valerian

Emperor Valerian was quite a disaster as far as rulers are concerned. He was solely responsible for the downfall of the western empire and the loss of a significant battle at the time. Shapur got tired of the emperor and started using him as a footstool to humiliate him. Once he was done, Shapur had the emperor skinned and stuffed with straw.


5. Humphrey de Bohun

Humphrey was a powerful man during 1323 A.D. However, he made the mistake of going against The King who decided to punish him. A battled ensued and one of the soldiers from the other side thrust upwards when the man was standing on a bridge. The pike went through the man’s anus and into his intestines.


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