Top 10 Unforgettable And Influential Women

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6. Isabella I of Castile

This Spanish Queen gave rise to the Spanish Inquisition, unified various kingdoms and paid for Christopher Columbus’s famous journey. Isabella raised Spain’s status and made it a World Power.


7. Elizabeth I of England

She was the first Queen who was able to rule the country with absolute and control power. This woman could speak a variety of languages and was on personal terms with the likes of Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare. She transformed the country and even though she was religious, she did not ignore any other faiths.

Legacy? Elizabeth was loved by many of her subjects, but others were thankful at her death.  Expectations of King James started high but then declined, so by the 1620s there was a nostalgic revival of the cult of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was praised as a heroine of the Protestant cause and the ruler of a golden age. James, her successor, was seen as a Catholic sympathiser, presiding over a corrupt court. The triumphalist image that Elizabeth had cultivated towards the end of her reign, against a background of factionalism and military and economic difficulties, was taken at face value and her reputation inflated. 


8. Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager Cixi was ambitious and was against the influence of foreign countries. She ruled over China from 1861 till 1908 and was powerful enough to make every decision related to state affairs. She also introduced economical, political and cultural reform in the country.


9. Catherine II of Russia

She was fondly referred to as Catherine the Great and ruled over the largest country, Russia from 1762 till 1796. She realized that her husband was immature which is why she wanted to overthrow him. She went on to change the face of politics, bring in cultural reforms and formulate a strong foreign policy.


10. Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria is definitely the most influential woman in history. Her empire stretches across 6 continents and 14.2 million square miles. The era she ruled in was called the Victorian Era and her reign lasted for over 60 years.

Her legacy? The shadows of the Queen Victoria’s legacy are still evident today, including street names, buildings, sites, and the name of the capital city of British Columbia. Her statue remains on the grounds of the legislative buildings, however many have forgotten her significance. Queen Victoria’s birthday was declared momentous enough to warrant a national holiday in Canada and Great Britain. However, the significance of this day has been lost. Victoria Day is now just another long weekend…

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