Top 10 Arrested Celebrities In 2010

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What is it that attracts celebrities and crime? Is it that they feel they are above the law because they are famous? Or they just feel they can get away with it? Here are a few of the celebrities that have been arrested this year:


1. Lindsay Lohan, Actress

A child star, now a troubled starlet, Lindsay Lohan was arrested in May 2007 and again in July 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of cocaine. The Beverly Hills police issued a warrant for her arrest in March 2010 for breach of terms in her probation, however, she did not turn up for hearing in May 2010 and on July 6th the Judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail starting from July 20th. To add to this trouble Lohan, is having major differences with her lawyer Shawn Chapman, she may resign her services to Lindsay.


2. Chace Crawford, Television Actor

The charming 24 year-old Chace Crawford, widely known as Nate Archibald in ‘Gossip Girl’ series was caught with 2 ounces of marijuana in his hometown of Plano, Texas on June 3. Apparently he was rolling a joint in clear view of everyone. He is currently out on bail and if convicted he faces a six month jail term.


3. Swami Nithyananda, Religious Guru

Renowned spiritual and religious guru Swami Nithyananda leader of Dhyanapeetam (Knowledge Centre) who has followers across the globe, shocked his devotees with a video of himself engaging in sexual acts with a Tamil actress. His arrest in April 2010, Himachal Pradesh, India created a troubled wave among his followers. In June, the court granted him conditional bail and is required to stay in the country until further notice.


4. Pete Doherty, Singer

Pete Doherty, UK band ‘Babyshambles’ frontman and former boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss was among the three people taken in for questioning in March 2010 for supplying drugs that caused the death of 27 year old film-maker Robin Whitehead, in her flat in east London. He was out on bail until his hearing on April 2010. He was arrested again in June for possession of Heroin and released on bail for ₤50,000. His hearing is scheduled for August.


5. Gary Coleman, Actor

Gary Coleman, the famous child actor Arnold Jackson of ‘Different Strokes’ was arrested by the Utah Police for domestic violence – a misdemeanor, the identity of the victim was not released. He was released on a bail of $ 1,725 in January 2010.

Unfortunately, he died in May 2010 when he fell down the stairs in his home at Utah. He was 42.


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