Top 10 Creative Album Covers That Attracted Attention

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It is always a delight to see different and creative album covers and the following are definitely a cut above the rest.


1. The Mars Volta-Frances the Mute

This cover shows two cars- one is standing a few feet in front of the other. Both the drivers are wearing blue suits and their faces are covered with red velvet cloth bags. They are both staring straight ahead and the band’s name is etched onto the top right corner.


2. Michael Jackson – Dangerous

The album is hugely popular and the album cover contributed to some of the success. Initially, the album was encased in a large box which showed the singer’s eyes and when it was opened, the normal cover was revealed. It was peppered with Occult Symbolism, Freemasonic symbols and a photograph of Aleister Crowley- a ceremonial magician.


3. Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon released in 1973 and the cover art was appreciated because it was simple and clear cut. It shows a white light entering from the left and going through a prism and an array of beautiful colors bursts out from the other side. The background is black and the band and album’s title is in a circle on the right.


4. Circa Survive: On Letting Go

The background of this album cover is purple and grey. A frail and bony girl is floating in the sky and a parachute like object seems to be bursting out of head- only she doesn’t have a head. Fire is coming out of the bottom of the ‘parachute’ and engulfing her head.


5. The Last Goodnight- Poison Kiss

This album cover features an apple that has a part of it bitten off. A skinny green snake is curled around it and its mouth is open. The color of the background is a combination of purple and grey while the album title and band’s name is featured on the left.


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