Top 10 Tattoo Designs

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1. Tribal

As the world progresses with modernisation and technology the number of enthusiasts for tribal designs has increased.  Maori Tattooing is a popular type of tribal art based on curvilinear and straight line geometric patterns. These Polynesian designs have an ethnic charm of their own.


2. Star Tattoos

Especially in demand by Celebrities and wannabes, star tattoos say ‘I’m a star’. A particular star will have a particular meaning. The number of points, have a meaning of their own. Stars and darkness are a symbol of truth. They symbolise guidance, luck, and of course fame. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna sport star tattoos. They often represent fighting against darkness. Stars can have anywhere from five to nine points.


3. Crosses

Popular among those who want to express their faith and belief in Christanity, they are extremely popular as body tattoos. They are often tattooed in the memory of a lost or departed loved one. The symbol represents Father and Mother Nature with the four arms representing the four elements of nature. Also popular among the Goths, symbols like the Celtic Cross and iron cross are extremely popular.


4. Angel Tattoos / Wing Tattoos

Angel Tattoos represent God’s presence and deliver the word of God to mankind. It is a symbol of devotion and spirituality. The tattoos are considered higher beings, they are used as the centre in a tattoo that is intended as a memorial for something.

Wing Tattoos represent birds and are associated with freedom, speed and aspiration. Spiritual symbols associated with elements such as earth, sky, wind and fire. They allow people to attain a previously unattainable state. They are associated with magic and alchemy.


5. Butterfly

An overwhelming choice by female tattoo enthusiasts, popularised by Mariah Carey, It represents beauty, metamorphosis, freedom, happiness and fragility. Among ancient beliefs, the Butterfly represents the qualities of the lower human soul because of their short life and moving from flower to flower seeking nectar. They are also considered somewhat unstable. The Greeks represented the butterfly as a symbol of the human soul and psyche.


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