Top 10 Least Parent-Friendly Toys For Kids

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There are certain toys that are so annoying that parents hate them. The bad part is that kids are crazy about the same toys. It is a lose-lose situation, if you look at it from a parent’s point of view- the kid will get upset if you don’t buy it and you will cry if you do buy it. Refrain from buying any of these toys, so that you can avoid yourself the headache later.


1. Beads

These usually come in large boxes with neat segregations and it’s all hunky dory till the kid opens the box. The beads spill out and go everywhere. The child then starts making mismatched and odd bracelets which the parent then has to wear because unfortunately, that’s what they expect.


2. Electronic Noisemakers

The most annoying electronic noisemakers are those that are in the form of chickens and dance about saying things like “I Can Dance” and “I Can Sing”. The battery cavity is screwed in and a parent may think the company does that to prevent the child from swallowing the batteries but in reality, they are saving the parent’s sanity as the child will not know how to open it up without help.


3. Slime

Slime is made with some awful material which slips off the child’s hand and amuses him for some reason. However, he will get bored of it soon and leave it lying about on the carpet and the parent will either slip on it and break his skull or spend hours trying to get it off.


4. Barbie Dolls

Every little girl in the world plays with Barbie dolls today. These are available in different avatars, for different occasions and so much more. Once the child receives the doll, she throws it about, twists its limbs, cuts the hair or removes all the clothes. Let’s not even get started on the box it comes in- you may as well be dismantling a bomb- it’s that complicated.


5. Lite Brite

A Lite Brite is some annoying toy that allows the child to draw pictures on it. The image then lights up and the colors used could not be brighter. If the parent happens to step on this toy in the middle of the night, he will definitely throw it out of the window and watch it break into pieces with a smile on his face.


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