Top 10 Sports Fishing Species

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6. Billfish – Marlin

Marlin fishing is considered the cream of all game fish. The average weight of a marlin is 150 kg and they reach sizes in excess of 450 kg. It is a hobby for the elite as considerable money has to be spent for fishing expeditions. In the marlin species, the Blue Marlin is the most sought after fish. The Atlantic, Bahamas, Bermuda Islands, Brazil, Portugal are some of the ideal destinations to pursue Blue Marlin fishing.


7. Sharks

Shark fishing is an extreme sport due as they are immensely strong and dangerous predators. To pursue this as a sport requires extreme caution and care. Shark Baiting wherein the adventurers are lowered in cages and bait sharks. However, their dwindling population due to excessive farming has damaged their ecosystem.


8. Tarpon

Tarpons are great game fish though due to their accessibility and size. The Atlantic Tarpon have a great fighting spirit and make magnificent leaps in the air when hooked. Due to their undesirable flesh, to prevent excess sport-fishing, special permits are required and the fish and release method has been adopted. The most popular method of catching tarpons is by flats fishing with a fly rod. It is a combination of fishing and hunting, providing great thrill to anglers.


9. Mackerel

Mackerel species are found all over the world, are smaller varieties of fish as opposed to Tuna’s, Marlins, Sharks etc. Their small size and fighting ability make them extremely popular among recreational anglers. The Spanish Mackerel enter bays and are more sought-after than other species. The King mackerel is also another prized catch among anglers.


10. Pan fish

The smallest of game fishes, Pan fish include Bluegill, Crappie, Flier, Sunfish, Warmouth, Perch are some pan fishes to name a few. These fishes are so called because they are small enough to fit into a frying pan. Usually caught by anglers they are an easy game to catch. Depending upon the geographical location the varieties and their usages differ.

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