Top 10 Steps to Having a Healthier Halloween

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6. Feed kids before you go:

Be sure to have a healthy, fulfilling dinner before you celebrate Halloween. This will make certain that you and your children aren’t starving and will cut down on how much you will munch on, while you are trick-or-treating. Better yet, make it a rule that the kids can’t eat any candy until it’s been fully inspected at home.


7. Chew gum while trick or treating:

If your kids want to munch on their goods between houses, limit them to chewing gum, which will keep their mouths happy and occupied for a long  period of time for just a few calories.


8. Limit the Snacks:

When the kids come home from trick-or-treating, let them select and save their favorite treats and allow them to eat one or two a day. That’s all! Have yourself throw away the less desirable candy out. Don’t consider it to be wasteful, after all its loaded with sugar, high in calories, and low in nutrients.  Maybe, replace the bad candy, with nutritious ones.


9. Be Charitable:

So now your youngsters have poured out their pumpkin-basket of goodies and are gloating over their bounty. Believe it or not, they are probably willing to give some of it away. Besides donating to your church, synagogue, or homeless shelters, there are various non-profit organizations that will collect the extra candy for the troops overseas. Even if your children choose to give just one or two away, they are learning the joy of being charitable. Check out the Switch Witch” tradition – cool idea.


10. Be a Good Role Model:

Kids will copy what their parents do, and that includes eating. Make sure you set a good example by not overindulging in the Halloween candy yourself. Practice mindful eating strategies. If you are going to eat a piece of candy, connect to your senses and look, feel, smell, and taste the candy rather than gobbling on it quickly. You may just be satisfied with 1 candy.


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