Top 10 Bizarre Jobs That Were Popular In The Past

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Most of these jobs are extinct now but they were very popular in the past when electricity and technology was unheard of.


1. The Court Jester

The court Jester was that person who was employed by the Royal Family and his job was to make sure that the king did not get bored. He would insult him and not get into trouble, unless of course the king did not find the joke too funny. The private comedian would therefore, live in fear.


2. Mudlarks and Toshers

Toshers were those people who swam and picked through sewers in the hope of finding some thing valuable that they could sell to make some money. The Mudlarks, on the other hand, picked through the banks of the rivers which meant that they came across dead bodies quite often.


3. The Human Alarm Clock

A knocker-up was basically a walking talking human alarm clock. This job was popular at a time when alarm clocks were either unreliable or unheard of. A knocker-up would poke sleeping people with bamboo sticks if they were too high up in a building and was allowed to leave only when he was sure that the client was up and about.


4. The Doctor with Toads

A skin disease was treated by doctors using toads at the time. They placed the amphibian or its leg in a cloth bag after which it was tied around the patient’s neck. The doctors were required to gather a good selection of toads and those who used just the legs would chop them off and collect those as well.


5. The Man Who Whipped Dogs

Many people walked to the church with their dogs during the 16th century in Europe. A dog whipper’s job was to get rid of these dogs if they created commotion during the service in the church grounds. They would do so with the help of whippers or wooden tongs.


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