Top 10 Innovative Costumes You Can Wear On Halloween

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Those who are too lazy to do much pick up a white bed sheet, make holes for eyes and wear it through the day. Others put in some effort and come up with the following innovative costumes.


1. Box of Chocolates

This may be painful to carry about but it certainly looks different! What you should do is cut out a rectangle from cardboard and stick papier-mâché chocolates all over it. You should be sure to leave one section empty because how else will you stick your head through it?


2. A Macho Man and his Dolls

If you are a man who loves babies but also likes football and beer, this costume is meant for you. You should contact your younger sister and ask her to hand over all her old dolls after which you should attach them all over your body.


3. Ham it Up!

If you want to look like a walking talking ham, you should create a dress in such a way that it balloons out and resembles the meat. Make sure that you buy enough material for a hat that is large enough to cover most of your face.


4. Vending Machine

This costume is available in some stores in China and was worn by a woman recently. First it looked like she was wearing a normal red skirt but then she pulled up the hem and covered her head with it. The front of the material was designed in such a way that it looked like a vending machine and when she was told to stand beside regular machines, it was difficult to spot the costume!

5. What’s for Dinner?

To make this costume, you will need a medium-sized cardboard sheet covered with cloth and some papier-mâché fruits and vegetable. What you need to do is cut out a hole in the sheet and put your head through it.

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