Top 10 Innovative Costumes You Can Wear On Halloween

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6. Mermaid

For this, you need to make a dress in such a way that it is covered with sequins, sparkles and the like. The ends should be stitched together to give the illusion of a tale. It will be difficult to walk about but you may just end up looking dainty and graceful. Wear lots of necklaces made of shells to complete the look.


7. Harem Lady

This costume idea is for men. They should first look for a fat suit for a woman and cover it up with harem pants, a tube top and cover their heads with a scarf. If they can find a lamp that resembles the one Alladin used, they will look perfect!

8. Tricycle

This costume is meant for three friends who want to dress up together. They will need to attach wheels to their feet and long metal poles to their midriffs. The one who stands in the front will have to hold a handle and a basket. He can also make honking noises to complete the costume.


9. Computer

Recently a computer company came up with the idea of creating a wearable computer. You should take inspiration from the idea and transform yourself into a computer on Halloween. You may take an eye out with all the fake wires but it will definitely be worth it!

10. Labor Pains

This costume is quite grotesque and not meant for the faint hearted. The first step is tying a pillow around your waist to make yourself look pregnant. The next is attaching a dolls head and arm onto your stomach. The last step is splashing blood all over yourself.

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