Top 10 Most Popular Sports

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Some of us like to watch sports while the rest of us don’t mind getting our clothes dirty playing them. The following are popular all over the world mainly because they are so much fun!

1. Soccer

The rules of soccer are easy to understand and the game is fairly simple as long as you know what is allowed and what will get you a red or yellow card. About 4 billion people are in love with this sport and the televised games gather the highest ratings every year.


2. Volleyball

Volleyball is even easier to play because all you need is hand-eye coordination and strong wrists. Over 900 million people either play it or watch it. Beach volleyball is very popular and is the best way to get that tan that you’ve always wanted! High schools particularly focus on the benefits of this sport.


3. Basketball

This game isn’t as simple as it looks and one has to keep a number of rules in mind when playing it. It is massively popular amongst teenagers and while it will help if you are tall, it is not necessary as such. If you have good aim and know how to run, this game is perfect for you.


4. Rugby

Rugby is very popular in England and is among the roughest sports in the world. Players have to constantly tackle each other and there are hardly any rules or restrictions as far as the aggression is concerned. It is divided into a number of categories out of which College Rugby and Tag Rugby are the most sought after.

5. Water Sports

Sports like scuba diving, jet skiing and many others are well-liked because they are entertaining and thrilling. The adrenaline rush that you will get when you see a school of fish swimming beside you is nothing less than exhilarating.


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