Top 10 Most Common Trees

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There are some trees that are native to particular countries or areas. Then there are those that can be found in abundance all over the world.


1. Red Alder

The red alder tree grows in such areas that are practically barren or have burnt down in the past. They grow rapidly and can create lush forests in a very short period of time. These trees are usually grown in those soils that need certain compounds to get healthier.
The roots interact with the soil and add nitrogen to it.


2. Green Ash

These trees are particularly common in those countries that have harsh climates- that is, the summers are too hot and the winters are too chilly. However, the green ash is susceptible to pest invasion which is why it is slowly dying out in countries like Michigan wherein the emerald ash borer tends to feed on it.


3. White Ash

The leaves of the white ash are white in color, hence the name. As far as appearance is concerned, it could be identical to the green ash which is why it becomes difficult to distinguish between the two. The tree is nothing if not beautiful- imagine coming across a white tree!


4. Quaking Aspen

The leaves of the quaking aspen are wide but overall, they are quite small. The petioles are very flat which is why it looks like the tree is trembling even when it is not all that windy. Contrary to popular belief, root sprouts usually give rise to quaking aspens and not seeds.


5. American Beech

This tree isn’t as pretty as the rest on this, especially when compared to the white or green ash. Unlike other trees, it likes the shade and can flourish very well without too much sunlight. The bark and branches of the American Beech are quite hard and strong.


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