Top 10 Odd Birthday Gifts

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Don’t go down the conventional route this season when selecting presents for your friends and family. Surprise them with one of these ten uncommon & awesome gifts. There’s something for everyone on your list and they’ll appreciate these much more due to the cool and fun themes each one has.


1. A Passionate American Hoodie

God Bless America! Everyone in the past has hung flags to show off their American spirit. Now you can take things to the next level by wearing this passionate American hoodie. Ideal for weekends, picnics, and other laid back events.


2. Robotic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Spice up your next meal with some salt and pepper straight from the hands of robots. Ok, we’re just kidding about robots having hands. But seriously, these are super cool robotic salt & pepper shakers to bring creativity to every kitchen.


3. The Drunken Gift Basket

For those of you who ship gift baskets for just about every occasion year around the obvious problem becomes what do I send next? I’ve sent the snacks, the gourmet basket, now what? Now you send Budweiser beer, roasted peanuts, & popcorn!


4. Tatted Up To-Do List

Ok first things first I have to pick up the kids from school. Next I have to finish up that research paper for work. Finally, I have to cook dinner. Oh wait, I forgot about… Sound familiar? That’s why you need a tattoo to-do list, you’ll keep everything on schedule & in check!


5. All About The Benjamin’s

For your next vacation skip out on those plain white towels and go with $100 bills instead. Yes, someone finally took the biggest piece of currency in the United States & printed it on a towel. What a neat idea!


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