Top 10 Movies About Vampires

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Vampire books and movies have become very popular after the Twilight series was released recently. However, these films are classics and Edward Cullen cannot be compared to these legendary vampires.

1. John Carpenter’s Vampires

This was released in 1998 and stars James Wood who plays the character of a vampire hunter. His parents were killed by vampires which is why he takes it upon himself to kill each and every vampire in town.


2. Lost Boys

Released in 1987, Lost Boys is very popular amongst hardcore vampire movie goers. Two boys along with their single mother move to a new town after which the younger son befriends a few odd boys. These kids say that they are vampire hunters while the older brother starts showing signs of becoming a vampire and the younger one takes it upon himself to save his brother.


3. Interview with a Vampire

This movie is based on a book by the same name by Anne Rice. It revolves around Louis, a plantation owner who becomes lifeless after his brother dies. Lestat, a vampire asks him if he wishes to become like him and Louis accepts. However, he does not enjoy his new life very much and the two change a little girl after which the two start living as a family during the 1700s. A young journalist then interviews a vampire who says that he is about 200 years old and delves into his life story.


4. Dracula

This legendary film was released in 1958 and starred Christopher Lee. After getting attacked by Jonathan Harker, Dracula starts preying on Harker’s fiancée’s family after moving away. Dr. Van Helsing is the one and only vampire hunter who can protect them. This movie was critically acclaimed and was laced with both sexuality and gore.


5. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

This film was released in 1992 and was created keeping a modern audience in mind. The cast was great and the director did a great job which became apparent after it won innumerable awards.


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