Top 10 Movies About Vampires

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6. From Dusk till Dawn

This movie was released in 1996 and is full of sexy female vampires, a nest of vampires, mass feeding- all set against a modern backdrop. Two brothers are looking to get through the night after robbing a bank. They end up choosing a strip joint which turns out to be a vampire nest. The vampires attack them and they try to survive till sunrise.


7. Blade

Released in 1998, Blade is an action packed vampire film and is quite modern when compared to the rest. A woman gives birth to a baby boy while her neck is bleeding profusely and dies soon after. This child is Blade who grows up as a half-human, half-vampire.


8. Underworld

This movie is based on the rivalry between vampires and werewolves. A war breaks out when the vampires realize that the werewolves have gotten the upper hand.


9. Dracula: Dead and Loving It

This is a spoof which makes fun of vampire films and mostly of Dracula. The movie is laced with ridiculous dancing and singing and will make you fall off your seat laughing. If you are a hardcore vampire-lover, you may not like this film but if you are a good sport, you will love it!


10. Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Gravens

This is undoubtedly the best vampire film ever to be made. It is a silent film in black and white and the protagonist is Count Orlock played by Max Schrek. Those who watch this film are either scared for days or cannot stop laughing.

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