Top 10 Lesser Known Tourist Attractions

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These tourist attractions are either not advertised enough or are not appealing enough for people to visit. However, they are different and unique and quite refreshing, if you have that zeal of travelling to unexplored and in some cases, strange places!


1. Noodle Bath

This tourist attraction is in Japan and the person who thought of the idea obviously felt that a bath filled with water and soap was too mundane. Therefore, the Noodle Bath is filled with noodles and pepper collagen which is meant to improve one’s complexion. The same owner previously owned a bath which was filled with chocolate and wine.

2. Vale de la prehistoria

This attraction is in Cuba and includes structures of life-size creatures which are meant to belong to the prehistoric era. A prison is located nearby and it is said that the inmates were called over to finish the construction. The ‘park’ extends over 11 hectares and also features a few cave men here and there.


3. Karni Mata Temple

This temple is in India and is located in Rajasthan which is said to be the land of camels, palaces and Maharajas. Rats reside in this temple and are worshipped here. If you accidentally kill a rat by stepping over it or swatting at it, you will have to replace it with solid gold.


4. International Friendship Exhibition Hall

This Hall is in North Korea and houses over 90,000 gifts that have been collected over the years by Kim II Sung. These include chopsticks that have been brought over form Mongolia, a cigarette case which has been covered in gold, a number of odd-looking chess boards as well as an alligator which is grinning or smirking- one cannot tell.

5. Isla de las Munecas

Julián Santana Barrera liked to collect dolls but he discarded them because he wanted to quiet down a little girl’s spirit who apparently drowned to death. This collection of dolls is hung onto the branches of trees that can be found if you go through the Xochimico canals.


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