Top 10 Unconventional Holiday Destinations

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The choice of a holiday is dependent on many factors. They range from budget considerations to the kind of accommodations available. More and more people are travelling outside their country nowadays and many have now begun to opt for unconventional holidays, which take them off the beaten track and give them a chance to enjoy some unusual cuisines and destinations.

Here are ten unusual holidays which you can enjoy – some expensive and some within the range of the average traveler


1. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains:

Located in Morocco, these mountains offer stunning views and some amazing areas to go for a trek. With fitness holidays becoming a very popular aspect of people’s lives, a walking holiday through these mountains can give you many days of fun and satisfaction. Snow in winter, sun in the summer, a plethora of cultural experiences and some great places to stay in, all contribute towards making this a great holiday.


2. Ladakh:

A place of stunning beauty, Ladakh is the home of many beautiful monasteries. There are many ways of moving around Ladakh, but the most popular means among the young people seems to be on the motorcycle. The barren landscape can take your breath away, and you will also be amazed at the calm and serenity of it’s people and their homes. Make sure that you stay in Leh for a day or two, so that your body can get acclimatised to the high altitude air.


3. Iceland:

Snow all around and yet, some amazing landscapes symbolize Iceland. It is rising steadily in the popularity charts as a holiday destination. The midnight sun is a sight which by itself can make the trip worthwhile.  Time your holiday carefully, since winters here can be harsh with very little daylight time. Summers are surprisingly mild, and the people are very friendly. Their food is also great!


4. Villageways guided tours in India:

Guided walking tours through certain parts of the hinterland of India, with a chance to meet the local people and enjoy their culture are the speciality of Villageways. They take you right to the heart of the village communities where you have the opportunity to appreciate the lives of the village residents.  There are many options available – ranging from weekend escapes to 10 days of walks around the regions.


5. Cruise down the Kerala Waterways:

Kerala’s houseboats are renowned for the comfort and beauty. You can take a houseboat and travel in a relaxed manner through some of India’s most beautiful regions. The houseboats will give you the privacy and luxury of a private hotel, and you can savour some amazing and delectable dishes which are the speciality of this region.


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