Top 10 Detectives in Fiction

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6. Lord Peter Wimsey:

A gentleman detective, Dorothy Sayers provided us with a detective who not only belonged to the British aristocracy, but also was rich and fond of the good things in life. An amateur detective, he loved to investigate and solve crimes of all genres. An expert on all matters of fashion, food and wine, he is also adept at his hobby of criminology.


7. Philip Marlowe:

Raymond Chandler’s hard-nosed, no-nonsense, hard-drinking detective Philip Marlowe was the beginning of the genre of violence prone, physically active detectives. He carries a gun, is not afraid to go out and beat the “bad “guys, and he cannot be charmed the femme fatale villainesses.  Even though he is reflective and thoughtful at times, he is not your usual thinking and philosophical detective.


8. V I Warshawski:

The first female detective to be part of this list, Sara Paretsky’s detective is the antithesis of the gentleman detective. Sarcastic, sloppy in her dressing and confrontational in her attitude, she is not afraid to use her pistol, nor is she scared of those who are in the wrong. She uses deduction and hard physical work to solve her cases.


9. Miss Marple:

Another one of Agatha Christie’s characterizations, Miss Marple endeared herself to all her readers with her ability to observe and surmise. Despite living in a small village in England, she understands the vagaries of mankind and uses her maturity and experience as a yardstick to solve local murder mysteries.


10. Inspector Morse:

A CID Inspector, Inspector Morse likes his opera, his ale and his crossword puzzles, and he uses his deductive abilities and his knowledge of human nature to solve his mysteries. A rather likeable character, despite his sullen demeanour and his rather patronising attitude towards women, he was well portrayed on television by John Thaw.

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