Top 10 Cheap Holiday Destinations

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If you are looking for a great holiday but can’t afford to spend a fortune, you need to know where the best places to visit on a budget are. The following list isn’t just a run-down of cheap holidays; these destinations add value to your trip by making it fun and exciting, as well as being light on your pocket. So, get out and book some cheap holiday fun before they are all snapped up!


1. Sri Lanka

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island near the tip of the Indian sub-continent. The temperature ranges anywhere from warm to hot with no traditional seasons. Due to its size, the island can be explored very easily and there are many cheap tours to take. For a relaxing beach holiday, Sri Lanka cannot be beaten.


2. Nepal

If you have an interest in Buddhism or your spiritual side needs reawakening, Nepal is an excellent destination. Well known for being a great sanctuary for backpackers, the country is cheap and has a wealth of history to explore. The local villagers are generous with what they have and you can learn about the local culture while sampling ethnic dishes.


3. Iceland

Due to the collapse of the Icelandic currency, now is the best time to visit Iceland and see amazing scenery unlike anything else on Earth. Volcanoes, bubbling mud and great nightlife in the capital make for an unforgettable trip; all this just a few hours from home.


4. Mexico

This is where Americans head for their cheap holiday destination and we can make it ours too. With tasty food and even better beaches, which are backed up by great flight deals to encourage tourism in the area, it is certainly worth a look. You can even find cheap flights if you look online.


5. Bulgaria

Cheaper than most of Europe, this country is steeped in history and has some great beaches. Package holidays are a dime a dozen and our currency is still managing to hold up against the local Lev. Bulgaria is still relatively undiscovered, ensuring your stay will be peaceful and quiet.


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